LSK's Program

CSR is a form of the Company's responsibility to society and the environment. The Company and Subsidiaries have done some CSR activities in the fields of education, social, and environment among other things:

1. Social
− Blood donor program is a regular program for employees who are performed each year;
− Programs of providing assistance to victims of natural disasters;
− Programs of matter disadvantaged communities by providing free food packages and medical treatment; and
− Gratia program, which provide assistance to social institutions such as orphanages.

2. Environment
− Fogging program to combat the spread of dengue fever mosquito;
− Program of greening by planting trees; and
− Sound workshop management program with regard to the impact of business management with environmental and occupational health conditions, which meet environmental regulations and work health and prevailing other relevant provisions, prevent any contamination arising from any business activity, and improve environmental and health conditions of labor sustainable.