ESDM Development


The Company considers it is important the HR role in contributing to the business success of the company so that the management and human resources development is part of a strategic step in achieving the Company's vision and mission. Therefore, the Company continues to improve the quality and competence of employees and boost productivity and motivation of each employee, among other things:

a. Reward System
As a form of appreciation, the Company provides bonuses to employees in accordance with their performance and give commissions to sales who achieve the target with a certain percentage. It aims to encourage employees to maintain and improve the performance achieved for a period of achievement. In addition, the Company give reward to employees who have performance in the form of promotion.

b. Salary Increased System
The salary given to the employees by the Company has met the standard regional minimum salaries and wages in accordance with government regulations. The Company is also reviewing the salaries of at least once a year based on the decision of the Board of Directors, which takes into consideration, among others, the employee's performance and the rate of inflation, and adjusts to the prevailing regulations as the regional minimum wage increases. The compensation applied in the Company always refer to the basic principles of compensation that is comparative internally and externally competitive in the same industry.

c. Provide Any Kind of Allowance and Facilities
The Company provides several kinds of allowances and facilities for employees. Such allowances and facilities are intended for all employees of the Company with a few exceptions such as mutations facilities that are only granted to certain employees. Allowances and facilities are as follows:

• Manpower insurance through Health and Employment BPJS which include accident insurance, old age insurance, life insurance;
• Festive Holiday allowance;
• The annual bonus for the performance of the Company;
• Facilities of the official car in accordance with the position hierarchy;
• Reimbursement of cost of petrol and toll telephone for operating personnel;
• Reimbursement of expenses and allowances of official travel;
• Training and development facilities;
• Compensation of grief;
• Reimbursement of cost of treatment: inpatient and outpatient;
• Positional allowance;
• Incentives;
• Employees Cooperative;
• and others.

d. Training Program
In developing the competence of its employees, the Company entered into programs of training and human resources development based on competency standards required to be competitive in a competitive business climate. The competency development undertaken includes the development of skills, knowledge and attitude. Education is given to salesman, technicians, service advisors, and customer complaints service with the aim that they can provide the best service for consumers.

The Company has an area of 900 m2 training center located at Jl. Raya Kaligawe Km. 5, Semarang. Training center is equipped with facilities and infrastructure to support the teaching and learning process. The training program provided to the Company's employees, in-house or in collaboration with third parties, among others:

• Training for salesman, such as training of the knowledge of the Company's products, both automotive products and financing products, as well as sales simulations to demonstrate better sales techniques.
• Training for workshop staff and head of the workshop, such as quality control program to improve the skills and quality of work of all level of the workshop. In addition, each year the Company enters into contests of skill of workshop staff and head of the workshop where the winner will be sent as a representative of the Company to contest the national level workshop.
• Training for branch managers and supervisors, such as finance and management workshops to increase the knowledge in finance and management sector.
• Workshop abroad, such as reviewing the international auto show to open up opportunities of employees to develop insight ability and to review.

In addition to employees, the Company also provides training to third parties to raise brand awareness for prospective employees and prospective customers. One program that has been run by the Company in cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation and PT Toyota Astra Motor is to provide training and support of facilities to some Vocational High School in Central Java and Yogyakarta. Facilities provided include a form of manual training, update curriculum development, training for teachers, Toyota technical guide books, the opportunity to conduct job training at Toyota, as well as tools facilities such as Toyota vehicles for practicums. This program is a realization to participate in developing human resources of Vocational High School with the aim of improving the quality of teaching and learning in school and to prepare the Automotive Vocational High School graduates to be better prepared to face the world of work.