Code of Ethics


PT Bintraco Dharma Tbk and its Group (the "Company") has had a reputation in carrying on its business due to the commitment held well by Management and employees. The Company realizes that the continuance of the business of a company is strongly influenced by the behavior of the Company as a corporate citizen. Therefore, attitudes and behaviors in harmony with the laws, regulations and ethics in implementing it into a good management system is a must.

The Company realizes that in order to be able to keep running the business, it must pay attention to the moral and social norms, as well as the interests of the community. Therefore, the Company prepares a code of conduct to be a guidance for the entire management and employees in the act and behave according to the norms in force.

These guidelines do not only regulate how the elements of the Company act in connection with business partners (such as customers and other stakeholders), but also to the surrounding environment, as follows:

1. Employee

2. Customer 9. State Administrator

3. Community COMPANY 8. Business Partner

4. Competitor 7. Prospective Investor

5. Affiliated Company 6. Shareholders

1. Employee
People who works at the Company receiving remuneration based on the employment relationship.

The principle in implementing the employment relationship with the Employee:
a. The Company respects human rights and the rights and obligations of Employees based on the prevailing laws and regulations;
b. The Company gives equal opportunity regardless of seniority, gender, ethnicity, religion, race and inter-groups with regard to its competence and performance; and
c. The Company gives rewards to Employees who have performance.

2. Customer
Parties who are users of the products or services produced and / or marketed by the Company.

The principle in interacting with customers:
a. The Company respects the rights of the customer in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations;
b. The Company (including the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors and Employees) shall not give to or receive from customers, rewards or prizes (substantially) that can influence a decision-making; and
c. The Company keeps customer’s confidential information.

3. Community
A group of people living together in one place and having a direct or indirect relationship with the Company's activities.

The principle of interaction with the community:
a. The Company participates to maintain the environment clean and healthy around the Company;
b. The Company shall build and maintain a neat and harmonious relationship with the surrounding communities of the Company; and
c. The Company respects the culture, customs, beliefs and religion.

4. Competitor
Other parties who sell similar goods and / or services.

The principle in facing competitors:
a. The Company supports the creation of a fair and healthy competition in accordance with the laws and regulations; and
b. The Company is not allowed to develop cooperation with competitors that could harm customers and/or lead to monopoly practices.

5. Affiliated Company
Companies that may be related to the ownership with the Company, either directly or indirectly.

The principle in interacting with affiliated companies:
Jointly establish cooperation to achieve synergies in various business and social activities both at the central and branch in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations.

6. Shareholders
Any individual or institution that is registered in the Register of Shareholders.

The principle in interacting with shareholders:
The company treats its shareholders equally, including in providing information that is accurate and timely in accordance with the Articles of Association and the prevailing laws and regulations.

7. Prospective Investor
Individuals or institutions that have the potential or intend to participate in the ownership of shares of the Company, including supporting institutions in investing.

The principle in interacting with potential investors:
The Company shall provide accurate and timely information in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations.

8. Business Partner
Parties that have business relationship with the Company.

Principles in cooperation with business partners:
a. Based on equality, equality and mutual trust, which is based on fairness and social responsibility and not ethnicity, religion, race and inter-group; and
b. Comply with the prevailing laws and regulations.

9. State Administrator
The state implementing institution that includes the legislative, executive, judicative and other institutions, both at central and local levels, along with the apparatus.

The principle in interacting with state officials:
The Company establishs a harmonious relationship and mutual respect in accordance the prevailing laws and regulations.